For the Moon missions, people volunteered by the thousands and so they will do for Mars. All such missions have the assumption of a return to Earth embedded. But what if there was no return? What if there was no specific duration or destination? What if all you know is that you will die in transit? In other words, would you be sane enough to qualify, but also crazy enough to actually do it?

ODYSSEY is the ultimate personality test probing into the real space for inter-generational space travel: the human psyche. Will the best fit individuals be motivated by an aware moral obligation to provide for human continuance in response to a deep species imperative? Or will the propagation of the human species be best served by the ‘selfish gene’, an individualistic imperative to maximize benefit for those most closely related to oneself?

ODYSSEY is the examination of a closed loop environment with finite resources – the generation ship as the entire world for thousands of years – a fundamental exploration of the harsh realities of supply and demand, challenges that may not have been experienced since the early hunter-gatherer societies, thus taking humankind’s history full circle.

ODYSSEY is, in other words, a radical cancellation of modernity’s evolution of the individual’s self-realization as the seat of all purpose. Aboard ODYSSEY all and everything is subordinated to the mission. With whom to procreate, what work you do for the rest of your life, when to die. Everything. Will you fit? – Indeed, will you be needed?